Experience With Us

The Dreams Alive Foundation is based in a Village called Masebula, Bumala, Busia county nicknamed "The Village Of Hope".

Talk of diversity it houses members of four ethnicities brought together by the power of football.

Soccer Clinics

Experience soccer clinics in the village conducted by top coaches in the country and also former internationals and football professionals who travel mile and miles to come and have a taste of The Dreams Alive Foundation experience.

Kids are able to learn about being a pro, The dos and donts and most of all compete in a friendly environment while interacting with their role models

Soccer Tournaments

Every ward has a team with a lot of supporters who miss some hours of work just to have a glance at the high tempo matches that are characterized by skills and passion from the players.

The experience brings about people from all walks of life.

In September 2018, The Dreams Alive Foundation will host its first regional soccer tournament that will feature all the schools in the Bumala sub county region.

This will be integrated with mentorship and character development where kids will also be taught about good health and dangers of HIV/AIDS which has killed millions in Africa.

The Village Of Hope

Experience the ever welcoming locals who will show nothing but love. Face the kids who always have open arms to visitors and guests above all enjoy the local UGALI delicacy plus all other cuisines that are available.