The Dreams Alive Foundation's aim is to develop confident leaders, hard working individuals, brilliant and talented. With such, we nurture them and prepare them for further learning opportunities and also prepare them for the job market by instilling the right societal discipline to produce kids who will inspire the next generation of African leaders.

We are also hoping to promote education in the villages by supporting village schools through education mentorship, education material provision, water initiatives to ensure a higher graduation rate among kids, reduce drop outs, early marriages & pregnancy, child labor, HIVAIDS prevalence among youths, crime, drugs and promote education through football.

Education is mandatory at The Dreams Alive Foundation and every kid in the program is provided with an opportunity to learn in the village schools. Our empowerment program enables students to choose what they can do independently aside from playing football and enhances their creativity and independence in decision making, instilling in them the skills needed to succeed.

Our approach ensures constant improvement in every aspect of a student's development since there is no pressure exerted on their choice of career line hence they take time in developing their football talent while learning in a student friendly atmosphere. We instill self-belief to help them overcome fears and challenges that may arise.

We promote teamwork & maximum effort to challenge and encourage every student to maximize their potential.

Strong emphasis is placed on the development of our students’ critical thinking skills, providing them with the ability to analyse and evaluate problems in order to create solutions.

We are dedicated to moving our students to an in house academy consisting of classrooms, recreational hall, restaurant, library, grass pitches, computer labs, etc to transform their lives through an international education system with the support of international schools based in Kenya in order to transform their lives and enable them compete globally in terms of standards hence transforming their lives.This will also open educational pathways for the boys and girls in the program and enable them pursue education and other career opportunities globally with ease due to the standards set in our system of education..

Every year, we are constantly scouting for talented children in the village schools and seeking their teachers support in assessing their academic performances to help us monitor their educational potential as well as their football talent. This process is cumbersome but we hope to invest in a European system of assessment to enable us ease the process

Football For Education

We are hoping to get the right technology for training to enable us correct our mistakes by watching them and evaluation. This will also ensure most teachers are trained in football coaching hence enabling talent development at a tender age. academically, a student will also be guided depending on his strengths and passionate academic career. This will open doors to education opportunities that will be accompanied by good test grades. Our model will focus on teamwork both in the field and classroom to ensure we produce all round students who are ready to face the job market and inspire the next generation of African leadership. This will ensure we produce a bunch of achievers who will challenge themselves further to achieve their intended goals. Education will ensure they graduate and get into positions of impact and in turn change their communities.

Educational Opportunities

with the right partnerships in the Diaspora, we aim at getting student-athlete opportunities for our kids to enable them pursue quality higher education from high school to university using their football talent. . These include opportunities in the US, the UK, Australia or continued education within professional football. This will provide students the chance to enter private high schools on full scholarships that may extend through to university scholarships. In Jamaica, Right The Dreams Alive Foundation has partnered with Jamaica College to provide student athlete scholarships. We seek to protect our under 18s in their education if they get a chance at professional football by ensuring they complete their education while getting right managers and mentors.

From our humble beginnings, we are hoping to be able to access scholarships to enable our students pursue higher education at ease. This will help in nurturing them and shaping them into global leadeers.