Welcome To The Dreams Alive Foundation

DAF believes every young person has the potential to do great things. We believe that through sports, the youth are given the tools to explore, learn, invent, and create. Spearheaded by professional football scouts, coaches and Mentors, the mission of our nonprofit is to help the youth develop their cognitive and social skills through football and education opportunities and in turn transform their lives & those of their communities.

Our ORGANIZATION in Conjunction with International Coaches for Good and other European football clubs was created to develop and maximize young children’s opportunities in fulfilling their prospect at playing at the highest level in football. DAF focuses on equipping young players with the skills confidence and knowledge to be above their peers on and off the football pitch. The Bumala based programme targets to totally eradicate poverty by ending early marriage & pregnancy, advocate for gender equality, champion for reduced inequalities for marginalized communities, advocate for quality education and a sustainable community. Over the last year we have overseen over 20 players benefit from scholarships many that are now flourishing and taking the game to a new Level. At DAF we take pride in embracing hard work and the importance of having a first-class attitude! We aim to shape every individual in a manner that will give them the best opportunity to succeed at the highest level. We have a long term aim to be the biggest contributors in the development of young players’ progression from grassroots community hardships to professional football and attainment of scholarships in the country! This target we will one day achieve!

With encouragement, tolerance, teamwork, and friendship, we believe we can help these children become hardworking and benevolent adults.

At DAF, we work to attain Sustainable Development Goals

  • No Poverty
  • Quality Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Reduced Inequalities
  • Sustainable Cities & Communities
  • Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

Our Mission

To create a better future for young people by improving their employability and key life skills, through our sports and education-themed personal development programmes.

Our Vision

To create a level playing field where every young person has the opportunity to create a better future for themselves.

Our Values

Six Values underpin everything at DAF:

DAF Inclusion


Every human has equal dignity, therefore we have a zero tolerance on discrimination.
DAF collaboration


Open to work with like-minded individuals and organisations.
DAF sportsmanship


respect and fairness are core to a competitive spirit.
DAF Agility


For our approach to be reactive to needs as they evolve.
DAF Family


Long-term solutions and sustained impact must involve the family and wider community.
DAF Ambition


For youth to dare to dream, and for us to have the courage to inspire a better world for all.