Emanuel Omondi


This boy was a drop out and had stayed out of school for a year. He had given up in life and was already a Read More

Duncan Odhiambo Oduya

Duncan(left) is a 17 year old boy in class 7.He is an orphan and lives with the grandmother ,who took him in after the p Read More

Patrick Omondi

He is a 13year old boy who schools at Masebula primary school.Patrick lived with his father till the time he succumbed to death.The elder sister to Read More

Emily Atieno

Emily is a 14year old girl who lives with the grandmother. Her mother travelled to the city to search for greener pastures but didn't end up well. Read More

Moses Ouma.

Moses is a 10year old boy ,abandoned by his mother at the age of 3. He has been raised by a single father who repairs bicycles as a living.He is th Read More